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Manga Updates - These are sites that give you all info about most of the manga that you see in this site and they contains daily releases of manga that coming out from all the scanlators too.
Manga Galleries/Wallpapers:

Manga Users:
  • WinRAR - This is the program that will allow you to open many types of files (especially .rar and .zip). Although this is a trial version, you still able to use it even when it expired.
  • mIRC - Very useful program to download manga. You might have some problems at first but once you get used to it, it will be a very handy program. (highly recommended).
  • mIRC tutorial #1 - Here is a good site for you to learn how to use the mIRC.
  • mIRC tutorial #2 - Here is another one.
  • mIRC tutorial #3 - This one give you not only the guide to mIRC but a well explanation to it as well.
  • Bit Torrent - This is not recommended, however, you might need this if you really want to download file that is in Bit Torrent form. (*warning - this program is very heavy!)
Manga Whispher(s):
Did you hear it? We are currently working on some projects right now...yay, an excited things for us!! what kind of manga are they and what the heck is it about? Hmm...I can't tell.....not yet...the translator, Anthony, doesn't want me to announce yet, so, let's just find out when he's done with it I guess ^^.

Manga Hosters:
Attention, hosters! If you are confused on which hosting sites you could use to help us out, here is a pretty good list (I think...)
Curious Users:
  • Japanese Lessons - want to learn Japanese? This will be a good place to go for beginners. It have many links to other related Japanese improving lessons and guides to diffrent categories too.
PC Users:
  • Control
  1. SpeedFan - Powerful tool lets you overclock your PC and make sure it doesn't overheat. (Free).
  2. WinKey - create keyboard shortcuts to laugh your programs and files. (Free).
  3. Kill Win - shut down your PC in an instant click. (Free).
  4. Stary Alive 2002 Standard - prevent a single crashing application from freezing your computer. (Free).
  • Files
  1. xFolder 1.0 - Free - helps you create multiple folders at once. (Free).
  • Fonts
  1. Free Fonts - more than 100 fonts that I collected. (Free).
  • Lock
  1. NumCapScroll Indicator 6.0 - Free - On-screen real-time indicator showing the status of the Num, Caps and Scroll Lock buttons on the keyboard. (Free).
  2. NumLock On and Off - if you find it hard to know where these button are or cannot lock these button with your keyboard, just use this. (Free).
  • Others
  1. My Calculator - get a scientific calculator for your computer. (Free).
Yahoo Users:
  • Modern Morph - an awesome site that have numerous skin for updating your old and boring yahoo messeger (gotta see it!), adobe photoshop (not really that much but you can check it out),  yahoo secret smilies, and many other great stuff!!!
  • WackyB.co.nz - great site for not only yahoo users but for ICQ, AIM, MSN, Gtalk, etc...to keep an update and decoration for the screen....this site have a great deal about yahoo messeger skin and skin for other chatting windows as well, so dont miss it!!
The Best of 2008:
  • Immortal Rain
  • Shinigami Lovers
  • Gekka no Kimi
  • Honey Honey Boy - He is a Sweet Temptation
  • Love Monster
  • Bleach
  • Byakuya Zaushi
  • Full Moon wo Shagashite
  • Koisuru Piano
  • Max Lovely
Free Graphics:

Bored Users:
Sudoku puzzles courtesy of Sudoku Shack
Newest Manga Added

Hajimari no Kotoba
Kitosaki no Hana
Hikitate Yaku no Koi
Ginban Kaleidoscope
Gal Kadou
Fu Junai
Daydream World
Danshi Kinshitsu!

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